‘Hygienist Only’

Improving health in the local community…

trishRecent changes in regulations allow us to do more to improve health in the local community.

Here at Muirhead Dental Practice, our number one priority is health.

If you see us regularly, you’ll probably have excellent oral health and a better chance of resisting heart disease and other diseases. If you aren’t registered here, you can now access this part of our service without switching dentists:

  • Great oral hygiene means brighter, cleaner teeth, fewer cavities and healthy gums which don’t bleed
  • Squeezed funds mean that some NHS dental practices struggle to provide an ideal hygiene service
  • You may suspect you have poor gum health, bad breath or bleeding gums but can’t get adequate help to cure it
  • You may just want a better polish to remove unsightly staining

Operating independently means that Muirhead Dental Practice is ideally placed to help you.

So why not take advantage of ‘Hygienist Only’?