Implant Dentistry

cosmeticImplants can be the ideal solution for people who have lost teeth. A single tooth or row can now be replaced and fixed back directly into the bone – so you can eat what you like, smile normally and feel as if you have your original teeth back.

  • An alternative to dentures or bridgework
  • A highly regarded and well-established procedure
  • We can replace a lost tooth without involving other teeth

More and more dentists are now offering this procedure. John Muirhead is a general dentist with more than 15 years experience in this field and so can offer balanced, objective advice. A free preliminary consultation will allow you to have a personalised opinion on the benefits and risks of implants and alternatives in your particular case. A highly experienced Implantologist Richard Anderson visits the practice every month to take care of the challenging implant cases.

“I’m writing to tell you that I’m delighted with my dental implants. They have changed my life, giving me the confidence to smile and eat anything I wish. They feel like my own teeth, yet they look wonderful. My wife tells me they have transformed my looks.”

Case Study

dental Three of these teeth are implants – can you spot which they are?