Kids Zone

bIt really does pay to get into good habits, as evidence shows that habits which maintain healthy teeth through childhood and the teenage years will usually continue throughout one’s lifetime.

We talk to children about the importance of a good diet and advise on things that are good for us – and things that aren’t!

A Recipe for Dental Health


  • wBrush with flouride toothpaste twice a day and remember to ensure your teeth feel clean and shiny to the tongue right up to the gum, especially up to the back corners and around the fronts of your front teeth.
  • Together with regular visits to the dentist this adds up to the perfect recipe for healthy teeth and gums.


  • Drink water instead of other drinks.
  • Cut down on snacks, sweets, crisps etc.
  • Avoid grazing but eat plenty of fruit and vegetables at meal times.

Dental visits

“Well done, everything’s perfect!” If you think these are the words your child should hear when he or she sees us then we agree. This should be the outcome and with your help it is a realistic goal. We recommend a visit every four months for most children. Find out about our Plan: please see the price list and ask our receptionist for further details.

This all ties in with the healthier lifestyle that society is trying to promote – from awareness of health issues to controlling obesity. We strongly believe that getting our children into good habits from an early age will make it easier for them to continue a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

… and what better start in life can we give our children than this?